how Changsub makes an entrance

junhong being the cutest thing that there ever was

junhong being the cutest thing that there ever was

the struggle is real


snapchatting bts:

Jimin | J-Hope | Jungkook | Suga | V | Jin | Rapmonster

just to ruin your life

it’s 手あたりしだい!



a few boy group recs

if you like nonsense and booty: vixx

if you like silly boys with no shame: block b

if you like fabulous looking frenemies: exo

if you like harmonies and playful eroticism: btob

if you like soft ghetto aesthetics and screaming: b.a.p

if you like vines of children singing vulgar rap lyrics: bangtan

if you like videos of newborn puppies flopping all over the place: topp dogg

if you like nationalistic diversity and childish chaos: got7

don’t let chanyeol be bored or the person beside him will suffer

when namjoon was gonna give taehyung a high five but taehyung didn’t see it.

got7’s pyramid

mr pond